One may argue whether the government can keep track of anyone’s online activities, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Let the best VPN app help you in ensuring your privacy.

Aside from our internet service providers and cyberthieves, there is another type of an online tracker: the government.

The government may “buy” data from different sectors to track people’s online activities. This is to gather information regarding adversaries and issues like chasing criminals and terrorism.

Picture this comparison 

The government’s technique in catching these illegal activities is like catching several fish in a fishing trawler.

Since they have caught several fish, they might have caught what they are looking for. But there is also a huge possibility that they have caught some random fish.

Same as our online activities. We might be just browsing and searching random stuff online but our data is no secret to these trackers.

That’s why our data may have been caught up in the net. And nobody likes that, especially if you really value your privacy.

To help you with this, we got a solution: protect yourself from the government’s online tracing by connecting to the best VPN app yet, GoingVPN.

Why GoingVPN? | Best VPN app

VPN seems overwhelming to some internet users, especially the non-tech savvy ones. Although they understand the basics (that VPN hides IP address for your data activities to remain secret), it’s more than that.

So, to not overcomplicate things, this type of users should be introduced to the simple ones. That’s why GoingVPN is perfect for them.

GoingVPN is a totally free VPN that offers unlimited data so that users can enjoy browsing the internet anytime.

It also boasts of lightning-speed technology for the users’ file sharing and streaming activities. And the most important of all, GoingVPN does not collect logs from its users, so the safety and security of each user is ensured from different types of online trackers.

As the best VPN app (that’s totally free!) provider, GoingVPN is always working to be the first VPN choice of internet users.

We provide server locations such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Australia, USA, UK, China, Canada, India, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, and Netherlands.

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