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In this day and age, there is certainly no excuse as to why you still haven’t finished watching that one Netflix series. Too busy? Adjust. Need to catch up on sleep? Don’t. Just kidding! Denied internet access? Use a free VPN. If you have no idea what a VPN is, read this post.

Geographical location is just one of the many reasons why internet users get their access denied when trying to get through any online content. Fortunately, there is an easy way to get around this problem without having to move across the country. Learn more about how a circumvention tool such as a Virtual Private Network service or a VPN can help you bypass internet restrictions.

How to circumvent denied internet access

To those seeking to know how powerful a VPN is, here’s one thing you should know: one simple click on the VPN app can allow you to access worldwide content amid geographical or any other restrictions.

This is possible through data encryption.

Technically speaking, data encryption is a process wherein the VPN reroutes your internet traffic through a secret pathway to its destination. Doing this conceals your IP and your entire online activity. Therefore, allowing you to pass through even the strictest firewall and access blocked online content wherever you are.

So, whether you are traveling to or living in the most heavily-censored country, you can continue Netflix and chilling 24/7.

Download GoingVPN now

GoingVPN will help you bypass internet blocks by masking your real IP address so it will look like you’re accessing the internet from a different country than your own. Since these blocks usually work based on your current location, connecting to a virtual server instantly solves the problem.

On top of that, you won’t have to worry about your personal information such as account names and passwords getting leaked and stolen since GoingVPN also functions as a virtual guard. It provides a military-grade security system that encrypts every data you send over so no one can track and monitor your online activities. The best part is that you can get this for FREE with no sign-ups needed to work!

If you haven’t yet, go to the Google Play Store or App Store install. Once downloaded, open the app and activate it by selecting any location from the list of virtual servers available. GoingVPN has over a hundred virtual servers around the globe, choose one and proceed. Click connect and then press OK when a connection request pops up. Done? Check and see if a key or VPN symbol appears on top of your screen, that means the VPN is already working on your phone.

Now you can surf the internet without restrictions, at your convenience. Try GoingVPN now and experience true internet freedom like no other.