VPN services are a fairly effective tool when it comes to accessing websites that the government has banned for any reason. While some sites are blocked for good reason, many others are unfairly banned just because they contain links that lead to disputed addresses. This situation is not new to the citizens of India, and they are already used to the government constantly restricting their free access to the Internet. This is where VPN services come into play!

Free VPN India

But are there VPN services that can be used for free? The answer is yes – at least for a limited time. Some services offer free trial periods, while others require payment but refund you if you cancel your subscription in the first week or month of use. Finally, some free VPN in India provide permanently free access, but this usually implies severe restrictions
on server traffic and locations (servers in India are usually excluded from the offer). VPN is another marvel of technology! A virtual private network or VPN allows you to make a secure connection to another network on the internet.

India VPN is primarily used to access websites that are restricted by location. They generally aim to protect or secure your web surfing from any interference while working in open and unsecured public
Wi-Fi connections. With the growing dependence on the internet and Wi-Fi in India, it has become necessary to maintain a good VPN connection to stay protected from cyber-surveillance and web-based intrusions.
Some options on the market that you might have heard of are NordVPN, ExpressVPN, IPVanish, and PureVPN. One more solution that comes with lots of benefits is GoingVPN.

GoingVPN enables you to access geo-blocked websites and content anywhere in the world. It allows you to watch your favorite TV shows on Netflix or other streaming services – you can change your IP address and appear as though you are in some other country.

Moreover, it secures your internet connection and protects your privacy by concealing your identity. Besides, it protects you from hackers and other similar online threats. Either you live in India or you are traveling, GoingVPN will allow you to access the content from censorship-heavy countries. No matter you are browsing from your room, office, or through
a public Wi-Fi, you will remain anonymous. The security comes from the two levels of defense as it uses UDP and “datagrams”. That is why you have more safety than only using PPTP alone.
The choice for the best VPN service for India is based on the following factors:
Value for money
Not keeping a usage log
Strong encryption parameters
Speed and stability
Suitable for torrents

GoingVPN is a FREE, UNLIMITED, SECURE, and BEST VPN service to enjoy in 2021. Users praise it for its lightningfast connection when streaming or downloading – you can enjoy popular shows without paying lots of money on expensive services or other VPN services. The unlimited data gives you the quality you would expect from the paid-for service. Also, the interface is clean, clear, and easy to use, and the visual style is unique and simple. Additionally, security and encryption are up to the mark, and you can choose from all of its available servers.

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