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Are you contemplating on installing a VPN? You see your fellow online users who have a VPN installed on their mobile device make comments about how the tool helped them attain online privacy. On the other side, a number of them said that a VPN didn’t do them good at all, in fact, it just made their device slow. So, before deciding if this tool will benefit you, you may want to fully read this article as we identify the pros and cons of connecting to a VPN.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a software tool that conceals online users’ IP address. This way, users will be anonymous on the web, which makes them invisible to the third parties roaming around cyberspace.

And in these days where there are several cyberthreats, it’s better to have an added layer of protection like what a VPN can give. 

What the VPN does is organize a secure connection between the user’s device and the internet. This way, all of the user’s data will be routed through the VPN’s encrypted virtual tunnel instead of being directed to the main server that is connected to an internet service provider (ISP).

So, instead of tracking your real online and device data, third parties can only see gibberish VPN server’s information and there’s no way for anyone to decode that.

Although tempting, users like you should consider weighing out the pros and cons of connecting to a VPN on your device and what VPN type is suitable for your browsing routine, lifestyle, and budget.


  1. Bypass geo-restrictions

There are a lot of websites and apps that are blocked in different locations and it’s because of strict censorship that some countries and territories have. With these, online users are being limited to what they can see on the internet. Having these restrictions contradict what the internet is about- open to everybody.

With a VPN, you can choose what server location to connect to. That way, you can gain access to vast online contents. A pro tip: pick a server location that has lenient online regulations.

  1. Save money on online shopping

Items’ prices on e-commerce apps aren’t consistent. Some of them are more expensive in countries that have higher gross domestic product (GDP) and cheaper in areas where the economy is significantly low.

So if you’re trying to cut some shopping budget, you may want to use a VPN and select a server location where the GDP is nominal or modest. You’ll never know, you might save tons of money with this hack than your usual shopping spending habit.

  1. Guaranteed online safety while being anonymous

Others might think that it’s impossible to gain anonymity on the web and at the same time, be safe, as it sounded too good to be true. But with the latest advancements in technology, anything is possible.

A VPN can assure that you’re fully protected from different harms found on the web. This way, you can surf the internet freely and not worry about the third parties gathering your information.


  1. Slower device performance

The data encryption process that a VPN does is strenuous. That’s why when someone is connected to a VPN, chances are, his device will perform poorer.

Some VPN users have also experienced a decrease in their internet connection. This happens as connecting to a VPN for a long time can take up too much of one’s internet bandwidth.

  1. Few server locations

Server locations are some of the most important aspects of a VPN as these help you curate another address. Unfortunately, most of the VPNs found on virtual markets only have five or less server locations.

This makes it harder for users as they could end up picking a server that’s not compatible with their browsing habits. So instead of gaining something out of a VPN, users ended up being put off by it.

  1. Plenty of top-quality VPNs are expensive

Best VPNs swear by their encryption process and other security features, but the downside is, they can come off pricey.

It’s very rare to find a VPN that offers premium and high-quality service that doesn’t break your bank.

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