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It’s a wrap! We have finally come to the last month of the year and you know what that means: it’s time for some Christmas treats! But since there are a few more days to go before we can exchange and open actual presents, we can first enjoy Spotify’s early gift for all its loyal subscribers—this year’s Spotify Wrapped. Did you unwrap yours already? Safely access Spotify wrapped playlist wherever you are with the help of a free VPN. Curious how? Keep on reading.

It has become a yearly tradition for Spotify users to have their listening history wrapped and presented to them in a meticulously curated personal playlist. In fact, a lot of people look forward to this event as early as September. And it isn’t surprising at all. People always loved reminiscing past experiences, whether good or bad, through the songs that accompanied them and helped them come through. Another reason is that it’s simply just fun and exciting to see how their music tastes evolved from day 1, how it went from R&B to K-Pop in a matter of months.

But the problem is, since it’s the holiday season and most people are flying out of the country to spend Christmas abroad, there will be some trouble accessing some songs due to geographical restrictions. Fortunately, there is a way to overrule it.

Safely access your Spotify Wrapped Playlist wherever you are with the help of a free VPN.

Listen to your most played songs of 2021 anytime, anywhere

Spotify is equipped with an extensive geo-blocking feature that makes it nearly impossible to access its services from outside of your registered service area. But with a good VPN service, you can easily bypass geo-blocks and get full unrestricted access to all your favorite songs no matter your current location is.

It works by rerouting your IP traffic through a secret tunnel away from the normal pathway. Therefore, concealing your online identity and entire internet activities. This process is called data encryption. When this happens, the remote server will not be able to detect your real location, which then guarantees your access to any song from your playlist sans the location barrier.

GoingVPN: Best free VPN to safely access Spotify

For starters, download a reliable VPN like GoingVPN. It offers a fast and safe connection so it surely won’t have any impact on your streaming speed. It also provides a wide range of server locations from the US to India, so you wouldn’t have a problem choosing one to connect to wherever you may be.

Put your speakers on max and prepare to play your Spotify Wrapped playlist from across the borders! Don’t let anyone stop you from enjoying your trip (unless it’s the building security asking you to turn it down a little.) You rock!

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