Who does not want to save some cash? By enabling a free VPN connection, say “hello” to more and more ‘moolah’ on your bank account.

For sure, a lot of us are missing going on a vacation right now. With all the stress and hassle that the pandemic is bringing, several days (or even weeks) of just chilling on a beach or staying-in a nice and cozy hotel are what we need, for real.

We know that we are not the only ones who, even though there are still travel restrictions and strict protocols, can’t help but browse through airlines and hotel accommodations’ prices.

Hmmm, you’re browsing right now too, right? Yeah, we just bet on it.

But, wait. Let us tell you a secret: did you know that by using a free VPN connection, you can get the best airline and hotel accommodation deals? This is how.

The Trick

You will need a trusted Virtual Private Network (VPN), like GoingVPN, to allow your device to appear as if you are browsing from another country. Since airline and hotel accommodation websites track your IP address, they will know your current location.

But by establishing a free VPN connection that GoingVPN can do, your real IP address will be hidden to these website cookies and “you can be wherever you want” by choosing server locations found on the free VPN connection app.

Also, the key here is patience- patience in canvassing prices of tickets and accommodations. Since you’re looking for the best and cheapest deals, better yet, check every server location that GoingVPN has to check the deals that’s best for you.

If you do not have more time to check out the prices per server locations, why not try some quick canvassing? Curious on what it is? Here’s how: canvass on lower-earning countries as sites offer cheaper deals on these regions.

Although this may not always be the case, there’s no harm in trying first. And if you’re not satisfied with looking at these areas, then, you may go on and try canvassing on other areas as well.

Delving into GoingVPN, the Best Free VPN Connection

Since you already have decided to save some money, why not try our free VPN service? With GoingVPN, you can maximize your browsing time because it offers unlimited data bandwidth. You would not have to worry about losing a VPN connection.

And since GoingVPN is yet the best free VPN connection, you can access geo-blocked contents anonymously because of its tight encryption. Worrying about lags? GoingVPN got you covered! This VPN service offers lightning speed for your online surfing pleasure.

GoingVPN provides server locations such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Australia, USA, UK, China, Canada, India, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands.

GoingVPN is available in all Android devices. Get yours here.

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