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Over the past years, India has been a frontrunner in the line of democratic countries with the longest and widest internet shutdown. This is, however, nothing new to the locals since internet censorship has always been their solution to prevent misinformation and help maintain law and order.

But still, with all the restrictions implemented, it ultimately created a direct impact on the daily life of the people living within the borders. Without the internet, people weren’t able to access several necessities such as financial, medical, and educational information and services.

Additionally, internet censorship has kept people in the dark about what is really happening around them. This could be a potential danger in the long run, especially with the imminent horrors of the pandemic.

If you’re currently living in India and are looking for ways to unblock major news sites and other barred applications, we got you! This online tool known as the Virtual Private Network service or a VPN is your new best friend.

Using a free VPN to unblock major news sites

A VPN is a simple software that allows you to access the internet without restrictions. It has several virtual servers that act as an alternative address helping you unblock geo-restrictions.

By installing and activating one on your mobile device, the VPN app can help you go through restrictive firewalls. This is effective even through the most heavily censored countries, India included. Since VPNs encrypt everything you send over the internet, it’ll be difficult for cybercriminals, to steal or monitor your information.

On a more important note, a VPN app will also keep your identity hidden by masking your IP address, making your connection and your entire internet activity safe. Blocking your local authority’s access on your internet traffic lets you infiltrate blocked websites, even those that are government-restricted. In other words, you can keep abreast of the issues happening around you by having free and unlimited access to online news portals, both local and international.

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